Before you start to upload music, please make sure the assets and metadata (title, artist name, etc) comply with the requirements. Check the artwork, audio, and metadata requirements for more information. 

The music upload process:

Step 1: Subscribe to at least one subscription plan

Before you start to create a new release, please make sure you have subscribed/checked out at least one subscription plan. How to subscribe? Please go to Payment-Subscription Plans and choose from all available subscription plans. Note: We don't limit the number of plans you subscribed to. 

Step 2: Create the new release 

  • To create a new release, click “New Release” on the top right of the Afrotunes dashboard or left navigation menu. Click “Release Details" section as instructed below: 
  1. Once you are there, please choose one Subscription plan
  2. Fill in the Label name by clicking "+". Are you an independent artist? Choose "Afrotunes" as your label.
  3. Enter Single or Album name. You can read more about the title guidelines here. Note: the title is part of the metadata of your release.  
  4. Fill in EAN/UPC code. Do you have your own EAN/UPC? Feel free to use your own. What if the release hasn't been distributed before? You can get a new EAN for free from us.
  5. Select the Original Release Date, the default release date is the earliest possible release start date for all outlets, which is 10 days after you submitted the release on Afrotunes. For example, if you submitted your music on 2nd June 2021, the earliest release start date is 13th June 2021.  The final release date may be delayed due to the submission disapproval. So please check all the data and artworks carefully before submission. 
  6. Choose the Format. 1 track is classified as a single otherwise it's an album. 
  7. Click Save & Next to move forward. 

  • Click "Artwork" to upload your artwork. Before uploading, please make sure the cover satisfies all the stipulated requirements listed here. Do not hurry, it takes some time to upload the cover from your laptop.
  • Please note, your artwork must contain at least one of the names of the artist or the track (either will be okay). Otherwise, it will be disapproved.


  • Click " Stereo Track(s)" to upload the audio from the catalog or your laptop. Remember that only 1 track can be uploaded if you selected Single in Release Details section. Please make sure the audio complies with the audio requirements listed here.

  • Click "Track Details" section and fill in the details as shown below:
  1. Add the Title of the track ( Note: it should be the same as the title of the release if it's a single);
  2. Add the Primary Artist and Feature Artist (optional) name by clicking "+" on the right side; 
  3. Choose at least one of the genres from the list;
  4. Add ISRC. A brand new ISRC is automatically assigned to you but you can replace it with your own; 
  5. Select the Language spoken or sung in the audio; 
  6. Mark your music as Explicit or not. Only when the language spoken or sung is explicit, should you mark it as "Explicit" otherwise please choose Not RequiredExplicit content must be flagged Explicit with a parental advisory tag in the artwork. The "Clean" version is only available when the track was previously marked as explicit;
  7.  Add Lyrics (Optional) of your music. Lyrics are being compiled and delivered to the stores by their lyric partner. If you want to ensure the lyrics are available in stores, we suggest you register on MusixMatch, which is the lyrics partner of major stores including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and so on;
  8. Customize the Preview of your track, the preview audio will be used for TikTok and iTunes;
  9. Now it's time to add all your team members to Participant. Click "+" to fill in the names and PayPal Email Addresses, which will be the destinations of royalties; Please notice that Participant information is necessary for distribution;
  10. Assign the Role(s) to the participants; Please notice that Role(s) information is necessary for distribution;
  11. Assign the Payout % to your team members. 

  • You are almost done! Let's unlock the final section which is "Outlet Details". Select the preferred music Outlets which are available under your subscription plan. Choose the Release Start date. Please note that the earliest release date starts 10 days after you submitted the release. Click Submit For The Review after you agreed that you have ownership and/or all rights required for distribution of this product. Can't find the button "Submit For The Review"? Please go back to the previous steps to check whether you have filled in all the information. 


Step 3: Check the status of your release

If you have successfully submitted your release, the status of your release will change from "Draft" to "Review Pending" as shown below. Our content review team will approve its distribution if it complies with all the stipulated requirements. 

How to check the status of your release? Please go to "Catalog/Releases-Products" so you can have all the information about your releases. 

Congratulations! Now you have completed all the steps. If you are stuck in any steps, please feel free to reach out to