First thing first, please check whether you have successfully submitted your music. If the status is still "Draft" or "Ready to Submit", please proceed with music submission by following the step-by-step instruction. If the release has been submitted, the status should be "Review Pending". Now, the release will be reviewed by our team to ensure they meet all the stipulated requirements before it is delivered to stores. No matter your release should be modified or not, you will hear from us the result by email and notification in-app. 

  • If the release is disapproved, you will receive an email from as shown below: 

Once you received this email, please log in to Afrotunes. You will find the notification in the top right corner. Clicking the message you received, you will be redirected to edit your release. Alternatively, you can locate the corresponding release by clicking "Catalog/Releases-Products". From there, you can start to edit the release. Please modify the release to avoid the mistakes mentioned in the email. We strongly suggest you go through our guidelines here before you submit the release this time. Once you have corrected the release as requested, please submit it to review again. If the release is qualified, we will proceed with distribution. 

  • If the release is approved, you will receive an email from as shown below:


Congratulations! Now you can distribute the release to available stores. You can locate the release by following the same steps as above. Please go to "Outlet Details", choose the outlet (s) and corresponding release start date. The earliest release start date is in 10 days. Click "Distribute" and then your release will be delivered to stores. The status of the release will change to "Released". In most cases, your release will be live on stores on the release start date. But it might take longer for some stores to ingest the content. 

Note: Email sent from is an automated notification. Please do not reply to it. If you have any questions, please reach out to